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Commercial Roof Replacement



White Seal Roofing has been serving the needs of South Florida's biggest corporate property owners for more than 44 years. Our project management skills and quality workmanship ensure that your large-scale roof replacement will be finished on time and within your budget.  For more information please contact us using the form to the right.



Residential Roof Replacement



White seal has been supplying quality workmanship and world-class customer service in South Florida since 1964. We are the preventative roofing experts. Our goal is to see every client's roof go beyond its expected life span, saving thousands of dollars in premature re-roofing costs. Let us show you how to extend the life of your existing roof today.




Proactive Roof Maintenance Plan

Extend the life of your existing roof with our cost effective Proactive Roof Maintenance Plan.


What is "Proactive"?

"Proactive", put very simply, is acting to avoid a problem rather than reacting to it when it happens. How does this apply to your roof?  When neglected, problem areas can cause a failure of an entire roofing system. Most people don't think of their roof as something that needs to be maintained, until it's too late. South Florida's harsh heat and sometimes violent storms can do irreversible damage to your roof long before it has reached its expected life span. White Seal's Proactive Roof Maintenance Plan addresses potential problem areas before they cause expensive damage.


Why do I need to maintain my roof?

Central air conditioners, parapet walls, roof penetrating vents and pipes and transitions between roofing systems are all potential trouble spots when not properly maintained. Temperature extremes can cause the materials in these areas to deteriorate rapidly. With regular attention these areas can be kept in optimal performance condition.


What if I have an old roof?

Not a problem. We'll evaluate your roof and give you a written estimate of the cost to put your old roof in "like new" condition.